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As we continue to grow in Faith and love of God, we are in need of a larger temple.
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Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church Religion School meets every Sunday starting in the Fall and ending in the Spring, with particular exceptions as noted in the bulletin for Feast Days and Parish Events, after the first Divine Liturgy and before the second Divine Liturgy. Prayer at the Icon Corner for all staff, students and parents begins at 10:15 AM. (Link for details)
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As we continue to grow in Faith and love of God, we are in need of a larger temple.

Our family of faith is blessed in many ways. Having the freedom to gather for worship, education, fellowship and a variety of activities and functions is a gift we treasure. The rich history of our Parish and our long-standing place in the community is something for which we take great pride. In order to ensure that Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church continues to grow and thrive For the Glory of God, we are now launching a $2.2 million campaign in support of a new Church and Eparchial Shrine.

Our new Church and Shrine, which will incorporate more of the traditional Ukrainian Byzantine architecture and theology, will also help us focus on our priority of evangelization and sustaining our mission. This will not only serve as a testament to our founding members, but will inspire each of us to leave our own mark on the Immaculate Conception community through the work we do in His name and for His glory.

 In taking on the challenge of building a new Ukrainian Catholic Church/Shrine in Palatine, the parishioners are now facing a glorious but formidable task. According to Catholic Code of Canon Law (1230 and 1231): “The term shrine means a church or other sacred place which, with the approval of the local ordinary, is by reason of special devotion frequented by the faithful as pilgrims...”

The concept of a shrine to serve as a center of prayer for St. Nicholas Eparchy is part of the Catholic Church’s “New Evangelization” initiative.  It will give us the privilege and possibility to bring many to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ as requested Patriarch Sviatoslav and our Bishops.   As we have been praying for many years, may the Mother of God, Searcher of the Lost save all, especially those who have not come to know her Son’s love.  And under the guidance of Bishop Richard we pray daily for the healing of mind, body, soul and spirit of all those in needs of God’s healing love.

In taking up the challenge of building our new Church/Shrine let us be reminded of the words of our beloved Patriarch Sviatoslav who stated,  “Bishop Richard said that you need two million dollars to build it (the new church) – You will find them if Jesus Christ is the living cornerstone of each of your lives”.  Our task then is to grow in holiness.  As our Lord taught us, “But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things (all material needs) will be added to you.” (Mt. 6:33)

With the blessing of the commemorative stones for the new Church by Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk in September of 2011, the encouragement of Bishop Richard Seminack, our Eparch, the recommendation of our Eparchial Consulters, the unanimous approval by the Zoning Board and the Palatine Village Council, and the enthusiasm of our Leadership Team and your support, we are taking the next important steps in our $2.2 million capital campaign. To meet this ambitious goal, we invite pledges from each and every member of our Parish community as well as friends relatives and neighbors.

Donations can be made at Selfreliance Ukrainian Credit Union Building Fund Account # 163668; on the website using  PayPal or Credit Card or mailed to Building Committee 755 S Benton St. Palatine IL 60067.

For additional information call 847-991-0820 or email frmykhailo@att.net.


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